How to fix codec problems?

I used to play flv and mkv video files in my laptop before. But a few months back, I had to install the Combined community codec pack for a video converter program. So now, (I don't really know exactly what happened) I can no longer play flv and mkv file formats. Media player classic shows a prompt about not being able to render the file and that I may not have the necessary codec to play the video. Uninstalling the CCCP didn't really solve the problem. I have the K-lite codec pack (ver. 7.2.0) installed before I got the CCCP and I have not touched it whatsoever, for fear that I might cause more trouble. SO, my question is, how can I restore my codec setting to be able to play flv and mkv video files again?
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  1. VLC? Just use that to play stuff.
  2. sounds like the codecs got messed up. eather reinstall klite or get VNC or MPC and use those to play movies. I like Media Player Classic, but that's just me, I like spacebar to pause.
  3. He already uses MPC to play stuff. But I think MPC uses codecs to render things. VLC doesn't while GOM does.
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