Best Time to Buy A PC?

I want to hold off building a new small form factor "microATX w/half height slots " pc until all the major up coming technologies are available:

x86-64 OS, SATA II w/ NCQ, PCI-EXPRESS, Hypertransport II, 90nm AMD64 cpu, DDRII

PCIe - Pixel Shader 3.0 VPU

The power consumption must be low enough to be well within capabilities of a 220W power supply (Antec Minuet).

Can anyone give a month or a date when these technologies will be available?

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  1. 220 Watt??!!! You should be so lucky......

    XP2000, 256ddr 2100ram, GF4 MX440, XP Pro
  2. you want all of that to run in a mini? cs game server -
    now featuring (optional) cheating death!
  3. Ouch...

    x86-64 aware OS from MS: 6+ months
    SATA II: Not within the next 12 months, as far as I know.
    Hypertransport II: If it's HT 2.0, then within the next 2-3 months.
    90nm AMD64 CPU: At least 6 months, possibly 9+. Hard to tell.
    PCIe VPU with PS 3.0: This should be out soon... within the next few months.
    DDR-II for AMD: Not in 2004. Possibly 9-15 months. For Intel, within 2-3 months from now.

    If you're looking for that much future technology, don't hold your breath. Some 12 months from now, which is were I'd put your request in the "remotely attainable" category, there's no way of knowing if Intel will have x86-64 technology up and running. No way of knowing what will be the best buy then.

    So, if you're really holding off for a while and for such a high-tech offering, then here's my advice: save money, keep an eye on hardware, but don't try to pick individual techs just yet. Do that only when you're a few weeks (or days) from purchase...

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  4. >x86-64 OS

    No need in waiting for the OS, is there ? Its not like you can't upgrade your OS later.

    >SATA II w/ NCQ

    Why would you want that ? SATA is more than fast enough for current and even future harddisks.


    Could be worth waiting for perhaps. not sure when it will be available,.. 6 months or so ?

    >Hypertransport II

    Why would you want that ? Its probably only usefull in multiprocessor servers; I don't think it will matter on the single cpu desktop.

    >90nm AMD64 cpu,

    What is wrong with the 130nm ones ? anyway, likely towards the end of the year

    > DDRII

    Pff.. don't expect anything major of DDR-II, especially not on the K8. It will be more expensive for comparable performance, at least in the beginning.

    >The power consumption must be low enough to be well within
    <capabilities of a 220W power supply (Antec Minuet)

    LOL.. so you are willing to wait for an OS and a CPU that may well not appear until sometime next year, are willing to pay big bucks for the fastest newest cpu, gpu and memory system, but you want to hang on to your PSU ? interesting...

    Anyway, ignoring all your requests; if you want a buy a nice SFF, you could either pick up a A64 based one today, or wait a while for desktop Pentium-Ms to become available. or you could wait until next year, but by that time, you are probably looking forward to multicore Dothans, AMD K9's, pixel shader 4.0 GPU's, Longhorn, etc, etc..

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  5. well the only thing I would see as a big boost that you would see almost immediately on release is sataII. Now its true that for most it wont matter that much, but adding NCQ can greatly increase performance in hard drives, just look at how it helps scsi drives. In apps taht are bound by the hard drive, be it access time or transfer rate, you will see a noticeable difference. Beyond that, it also brings hot switching whihc would make installation easier. But is it worth waiting for? I dont know about that, you could easily build a system now and by the time all of these advancements are out, it would be time to replace your system anyway. PCI-E is up in the air as far as performance at first, not to mention ExpressCard being developed, as well as ddr2. if you want low power processors then maybe consider one of the new low power opterons coming out rated at 30W, but i doubt you could get a board small enough that runs opteron cpus.
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