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can i link two denon avr's 3805 and 1612?
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  1. Link them HOW?
    Give some details. Say what you are trying to accomplish.
  2. well i have a denon 3805 and a 1612 i would like to use the 3805 as my main for all speakers and the 1612 only for bi-amping the fronts as they are POLK RTI 10's and are hungry for power. The 3805 receiver is 120 watts per channel and the 1612 is only 75 watts per channel.
    ^thanks, and sorry for the vague question
  3. Connect the AVR 3805 normally except remove the jumpers linking the speaker terminals of the Polks and connect it only to the bottom or woofer terminals.
    Connect the 1612 front speaker outs to the upper tweeter terminals of the Polks.
    Connect the AVR3805 front preamp outs to any analog input on the 1612, select that input, select stereo mode, and then adjust the volume of the 1612 while playing music to adjust the levels of the tweeters to the woofers. Then just use the 3805 for all volume adjustments.
    After all that it probably will not make all that much of a difference but give it a try.
  4. Passive bi-amping with two completely separate pre-amp stages sounds like a disaster of mismatched levels.
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