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I plan to apply new thermal paste to my xps laptop in the near future however I'm not very familiar with them as I've never done this myself before.

Is there a recommended brand? One that is easy and simply to apply and high quality. Also I've heard that manufacturers skim on the costs by using low quality paste and therefore will harden after a short while. Is there a safe method to remove it without damaging any parts? I've seen people do it by chiseling it off with a flathead which doesn't look very safe for a laptop. Ideally I'd like a spray and wipe solution.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Most swear by Arctic Silver. Here's a link to get some:

    In regard to removing the old thermal paste, I recommend using rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip, at least that is what I have used in the past without any issues. Just take your time and use a few q-tips and it should come off just fine.
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