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I'm looking for a do it all headset. I love pc gaming and music, but I don't have the money to buy a headset for both. I've been looking at the astro a30 and the steelseries 7h. Apparently the 7h is good for gaming but not so much for music. The a30s are also said not to have the greatest audio quality, so I'm a bit of a loss. I would like to wear them in public as well so something reminiscent of cybermen would be less than optimal. I'm shallow enough to make style more important than it probably should be. A retractable or detachable mic is a must. I like the idea of surround sound, tho I know that it's only virtual and more of an advertising point and the astro mixamp is pretty pricy. So what would you recommend? Gaming, music, and style?
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    some of the surround sound headsets really do have multiple drivers in them, though it is nowhere near as good as a real surround sound system in a room.

    stereo options are your best bet if you want audio quality. if you pay $100 for a ss model and $100 for a st model guess which is going to have better drivers?

    if you arent opposed to a seperate mic (they make clip on mics) a far better sounding product would be to get a good analog studio headphone set. much better sound accuracy for both games and music. sure you lose the mic but that is a small matter if you consider the sound differences.

    i use a audio technica ath-m50s that i got for $180, i've seen them as low as $90. another notable brand is sennheiser. i wear mine at work all the time.
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