Green tint on SAMSUNG P2770HD with PC


I have bought SAMSUNG P2770HD and I have connected my Laptop to it using VGA cable (9 pin) and I downloaded before that 2 drivers analog and digital (I dont know how this will work or use it) and my problem is that I have a green Tint and I don't know why ??

Using HDMI for Xbox 360 all colors are fine.

The cable came with the TV so its original.

I searched online and I foud nothing ??

Please advice guys !
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  1. VGA cable should be 15 pins, not 9. If yours only has 9 pins, the missing pins could be the problem. There could also be a problem with the VGA port on your laptop or the VGA port on the Samsung monitor. Does your laptop have any other types of video output? If so, you could try one of those.
  2. hi MauveCloud

    The pins are 15 for input and output and cable, I was wrong, they just looked the same.

    My Laptop has another output with 7 pins but I don't have a cable for it.
  3. Try another VGA cable.
  4. (Case solved)

    I switched the cable ends, the one going into the Laptop to TV and the one into TV to Laptop, and made sure the one behind TV was pushed to the end...... and I got normal colors.... wow.......I thought I had a serious problem as SAMSUNG websites mention a color problem that might need SAMSUNG intervention.

    Thanks jaguarskx & MauveCloud :)
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