Dual soundcard problem Plz Help

Hi everyone, ( ive asked the vitrual DJ community..no joy)

need some help....considered this problem to be a software issue but wanted to ask you guys what you thought?

Ive got 2 soundcards using with a virtual dj package..one being for "master" Audigy Xfi-platinum..and "secondary" generic USB external card 4.1 ( for use with cue/ headphones)..to listen for an incoming music track..

Ive got the latest drivers for both...installed the secondary SC, but what im finding is that theres a small lag when listening to/cueing in the next track..

Basically I put the second track on deck 2 and it sounds ever so slightly faster in my headphones to what actually plays...this happens in either case...if im cuing..or simply listening to one deck on both master and secondary..

its like the soundcards arent playing at the same speed..(the master plays ever so slightly slower than the secondary)

My external card cost me £30 and seems ok on its own..so does my internal card...does anyone have any ideas what i can do to bring them both into alignment so when i crossfade in....so i get an accurate representation of what i was listening to in cue ( if that makes sense?)

would it help if i got 2 internal cards of similar make and model?

Plz help any ideas would be great!...id like to get back mixing again after a while off the plastic!

Peace all..Emj!
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  1. Update,....

    Ive been told its a latency issue but im not sure where to look???

    Ive looked through my software, but as for creative..theres tons to look at..

    my other soundcard doesnt seem to have any app to go with it??
  2. Im using as master Xfi-platinum...that being a multi channel card with front drive...im wondering if i can use that to split?

    also with the master Xfi being or sounding slower thatn what plays out of the USB sound card...would offerring the PCI device exclusive access across the bus help?...my latency times for PCI are 32, 64 ( used) 96 and 128

    many thanks!
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