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Windows 7 - Can I move it to a new system?

Hello Toms Hardware,

I'm in the process of building a new system. Ideally, I'd like to keep the costs down, and so, if possible, I'd like to move Windows 7 Pro (Retail) over to the new build.

I bought my current system in 2005 (Windows XP). The XP install disks are long gone, but I did upgrade to W7 around 1.5 years ago.

By walking through this website, I verified that I have W7 Retail, as you can see here, and that I have several rearm counts and an unlimited license... Not sure what that means, but hopefully it's good :)

My question is, can I use my product key for the XP to W7 upgrade with the ISOs located here and elsewhere to install Windows 7 to my new system? Or will I have to find a way to install XP first on the new system in order to use my W7 product key?

My understanding is that retail copies can move from system to system as long as that copy is only registered on one machine. My old system will be out of use, and deactivating the license on it is no problem. I just don't have the original disks, and I used the exe for the upgrade.

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    Yes, you can install Windows 7 on the new system from the upgrade disc. It's somewhat complicated, but it is possible, I've done it myself.

    I won't bother going into the legality of doing it, it's covered at the top of the thread I linked to. As long as you have a valid key for XP (it won't ask for it during the installation) and Windows 7, you should be good to go.
  2. cTs Corvette, thanks for the help! That's encouraging to hear :)

    Since it will be a clean install, will I be able to install the 64 bit version as opposed to the 32 bit version which I upgraded?
  3. Yes, you can install whichever version you choose.
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