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I recently built a computer with the intention on using it for all of my media purposes. I am now having troubles getting the surround sound to work properly.

I have an asus maximus gene iv mobo with both an optical and HDMI.

I have an evga 560 with a mini hdmi.

I am connected to my reciever using the graphics mini hdmi. The surround sound works fine when watching blue rays but I only get sound from the center speaker when listening to mp3's.

Any suggestions here?

Will it help if I run out and buy an optical cable and connect that to the receiver? (I havent done this yet as I'd need a 25 foot optical since the PC and receiver are on opposite ends of the room).

Thanks in advance.
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  1. i have dvi output on my video card. i use a dvi-to-hdmi cable to connect up to the receiver. i get surround sound on all ss sources.

    you will not get ss on mp3 files. it should be stereo (left and right channels).

    i'm thinking if you are getting center channel then you have some option tweaked wrong on your receiver or in the audio player. windows sound options should be limited (the receiver should be the default device).

    sure you could use optical but you should be able to get it working without. i dont think optical would really fix this problem at this point in time. try everything else first.
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