Impatient user seeks swift laptop, no games!


I'm looking for a new laptop as my 4 year old emachine has failed me.

My main priorities:
- large screen to view multiple windows with lots of text (office productivity software) & web pages (with video content)
-should manage lots of multitasking of the above two types
- should boot up and connect to the internet fast--as I am impatient and have much good work to do! :D
-should be able to connect to a 32" monitor and/or HDTV (also 32") so I can watch hulu or netflix online
-l'd like to keep my laptop for 4 years or so
-budget: I could go up to $625 or so

Lower Priorities:
-need to upload, edit, organize photos, but not a huge amount, just family stuff, not professional and not an avid hobbiest
-may want to install Creative Suites 4 (Web premium)
-need to upload/download audio files, but I do not have a large collection and do not use itunes or anything like that, I have no ipod or mp3 player
-i've been looking at i3 and i5, but comparable AMD is fine too, if it is fast enough to bring up multiple windows of web pages, and view videos without hesitation...I mean it! No hesitation allowed. :non:
-I'd like to use coupons or deals like bing cash back. I do not mind ordering online. I'm in the USA.

What I don't care about:
-battery life--this is a desktop replacement and will not leave the house
-weight--reasons same as above
-won't be editing videos
-games--don't play them, thanks!
-brands. I don't care what brand. My cheap emachine, which I believe to have been a gateway, was great until the day it died. I'm slightly prejudiced against Dell because of their customer no-service, but I could be talked out of it if the deal was good enough.

What I don't understand: :pt1cable:

the relationship between resolution and screen size. I've seen lots of negative posts at various forums on laptops saying that 1366 x 768 resolution is bad and/or that it is bad for 15.6" displays in terms of reading text, so that is a concern for me.... I want a big screen so I can have multiple windows at the same time. Maybe one window showing a video and another two showing a spreadsheet and a third showing my email client.

Thank you for your kind attention to my inquiry!
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  1. Bluray would also be nice, but is not a deal breaker!
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