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Hi guys,

Some time ago i put together a HTPC with a Asrock A75M-HVS mtherboard (VIA VT1705 Audio Codec) hooked up to my tv with HDMI(sound+video), installed windows and installed on the drivers from Asrocks website.

Today i was thinking that I had probably installed the audio drivers over the windows drivers and i wanted to make sure i had the latests drivers from VIA, i was looking around how i could stop windows from installing audio drivers, i found a method using gpedit.msc wich seemed to work, it blocked windows from installing its own driver.

So I downloaded the latest driver from VIA website (this was a newer version then from asrock's website). I think it installed correctly but the only thing that showed under playback devices was "Speakers", the digital hdmi output had dissapeared.
I tought this was a problem with the driver so i download the one from Asrock thinking this one has to work, but the same problem.
This had taken several hours of messing around so i tought screw it, ill take the windows drivers, so I let windows install and it seems to work and i got my sound back, under playback devices there are now 2 options again "speakers" and "digital audio hdmi". I get sound using the digital audio output, but only stereo, when i click the configure option it doesnt let me pick 5.1.

I dont really care anymore what driver I have, I would just like to have my 5.1 back, hope somebody can help me.
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    Re-install the video driver.
  2. It works! I can now configure for 5.1 again with the windows driver, thank you!
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