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Upgrading CPU

Last response: in CPUs
February 17, 2004 5:17:17 PM

Do I have to clear CMOS on mobo A7N8X dlx when upgrading from a Amd xp 2000 to Amd xp 3000 Barton? Or can I just swap it out.

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February 17, 2004 7:15:25 PM

Honestly you shouldnt have to but doesnt rule it out. If the rig doesnt properly recognize the chip or get wierd issues then flashing it would be a good idea.

Barton 2500+ @ 2200mhz (10x220 vcore @ 1.8)
Asus A7N8X Dlx 440 FSB
1gb Geil GD pc3500 Dual Channel (2-3-3-6)
Segata 80gb SATA 8.5ms seek
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro(420/720)
February 18, 2004 1:26:16 AM

If your bios does not support the new chip, you will need to flash it to a newer revision. Then, and only then will you need to clear your cmos.
February 19, 2004 4:44:45 PM

On some boards, you have to clear the cmos every time you change to a new cpu...

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