what PDA for WiFi/Remote?

I'm looking for a PDA, unfortunately the subset of features I want seems quite hard to come by.

I need WiFi, preferably with decent range (ie: at least as good as the Tungsten C, preferably better).

I also need to be able to use it as a universal remote, with a range of at least 20 feet.

It also has to have a CF slot.

A thumb-board would also be very nice to have, but not required.

Note that I don't care if any/all of these are through add-ons, or built-in, as long as they are there. I also don't care if the WiFi or IR take up the CF slot while in use, as long as it has a CF slot. I also don't care if it's PocketPC or Palm (though battery life is a large concern).

Apart from that, value is the driving factor, though the price can't be too high either (no more than $750CAN combined, about the price of a Tungsten C or Toshiba e750.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated, but hopefully this will be from somewhere with a 15-day, free (no paying for shipping back, etc), return policy.
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  1. Get a pda, get http://www.griffintechnology.com/griffinmobile/totalremote/index.html (remote for pda) and a WiFi card and you're set.
  2. LOL, thanks, I think I knew that. I'd like to know exactly WHAT PDA is compatable with that remote, as well as what WiFi card is compatable with that PDA, also noting that it needs to be able to read CF cards...
  3. the ipaq 5455 and 5555 are very nice, both have wifi built in so do the toshiba e740 and e750s I'd perfer the ipaqs because you can buy sleds for compact flash and pcmcia cards plus the ipaqs are usually of better quality. You can get financing on both brands I believe but if you need something cheap casios BE-300 can be had for 60-80 dollars. It uses a mips cpu so is not compatible with some new software. for more information on this device go to www.ppx3k.com though it does not have IR and is only compatible with a few cf wifi cards.

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  4. Thanks. Unfortunately the 5455 and 5555 are both way out of my price range. The e750 has a lot of issues with WiFi, and a short battery life, not to mention the worst tech support in the market, so I won't be going with that.

    I think I've narrowed it down to an Axim X5 with WiFi CF card and IR extender, or a iPaq 2210, with just the WiFi CF card. These are the only combinations I can find for less than the cost of a TC...
  5. the axims are junk stay away from them. They are having lots of problems. Go with the ipaq 2215.

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