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Hey guys, my new p4 3.2ghz processor just came in the mail and I tried putting it in the socket but it wouldnt go in, so I looked at the bottom to see about 4 pins had been bent in. So I sad what the hell and bent them back with my fingernail and now it fits in the socket. But my question is am I better off just RMAing the processor back due to its few bent pins, or is this a common occurence with new processors? This also brings me to my other question which is: is having a few bent pins hurt the processor in the long run? or is it just the orrientation that is important? Thanks a lot guys.
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  1. i've bent pins and bent them back before. i wouldn't worry about it as long as you don't bend them again. too much bending=breaking.
  2. Intel (and probably amd) does not warranty against pins bending. It is considered negligence on your part. We do know someone who was able to get an rma from intel, but that would be the exception that proves the rule. If your chip still works, good, just dont take it out too often.
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