New CPU = old Benchmark

I have just replaced my Athlon 2000 with an Athlon 2700 and although the system seems to recognise the new chip (shows as Athlon 2700+ when I check System/properties) both the benchmarks I use show no improvement in performance.

System info =
MBoard = MSI K7N2G
Ram = 1 Gig
Graphics = ATI 9600 128meg

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  1. Your title made me think of something funto do.

    If anyone has a REALY OLD benchmark program.. like someting for a Pentium 1 if it can be found i wonder if you could Bench some current machines on them.

    see how they compare .. just fore shits and giggles...

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  2. You shouldn't really see a big difference. I think that the bottleneck in most benchmarks will be the 9600 (in 3dmark 01, 03 and aquamark.) If you use Sandra 04' you should see some improvements in the CPU department, benchmarks shouldn't really be a big factor in that, its if it does your daily tasks faster than the athlon 2000.

    [mind went blank]
  3. What benchmarks?
  4. 3d Mark 01 and 03 ( as Gothit predicted ;) )

    I have to say that the system is running fine ( two copies of an online MMORPG and net radio simultaneously ). I just expected to see improvement in the benchmarks.

    A friend has recomended Sandra in the past so I will get that at some point and give it a try.
  5. I am sorry, but those are gamer's benchmarks. The 9600 np just isn't a gamer's card. In 03 you should get a small gain in cpu, but nothing very real. In 01 you should be seeing 10% roughly. On the other hand, the feel of your system should be different, faster.
  6. I just finished benchmarking my system at different FSB using SiSofts Sandra's memory bandwidth benchmark and Acquamark3. I have a P4 2.4C, Abit IS7-E and 1GB PC4200 OCZ RAM. I increased the FSB from 200 to 260 stopping at different points to check stability and benchmark. Like expected, the memory bandwidth skyrocketed when I got to 260 but I was surprised to see that the Acquamark3 score didn't increase at all and even dropped a few points. The Acquamark3 CPU score increased from 8,129 (200 FSB) to 10,304 (260 FSB) which was expected, but the GPU score went down from 3,129 (200 FSB) to 3,021 (260 FSB). That may not seem like a lot but since this benchmark is based almost solely on the graphics cards, the 3% change in GPU score is more important than the 27% change in CPU score.

    POST is way overrated, the black screen and beeps should be enough for most people.
  7. Nice one folks - thanks for the help :)

    Looks like a new Grfx card is next on the neverending shopping list. ;)
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