CPU problems?

Ok, I've played around with a new system I'm building, and have switched out virtually every part - video card, memory, power supply, etc.

What I haven't switched is the CPU, and since I ordered it online I cannot return it quickly.

So I want to ask all of you on here if you have heard of these problems.

I have an Athlon XP 2600+ and there are minor (but annoying) graphical glitches all over the screen; it crashes when I run it at full speed - windows xp will try to start or install, but blue screens in the middle with some kind of error; and the sound is very crackled - again i switched out the motherboard and the same sound errors occured regardless.

Have any of you had a defective CPU with these kinds of problems before??
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  1. Is will be better if you thoroughly list out your system spec so it will be easier for anyone to try and diagnose your problem.
    blue screen can be PS problem
    system reboot can be Ram problem
    screen glitches can be video card problem
    sound crackled can be onboard sound card running too high PCI (ie. 37mhz+)

    A fine day!
  2. It sounds like a PSU problem. But like the other guy said, you should describe your entire system setup.
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