Netbook - Just for Music (SSD or not?)

Hey folks. I'm looking for a modestly priced ($300 or less, refurbed, used is fine) netbook to use as my main music player in the home. All of my music is digital and in either MP3 or FLAC formats.

I will have my netbook sitting on a bookshelf and connected to a pair of speakers. I plan on putting music on the netbook itself as well as streaming from a NAS that I'll be picking up next month.

Most netbooks seem to be quiet and cool running, but I was wondering if it would be worth the storage space tradeoff to get one with an SSD. It will be on nearly 24/7, and I'd ideally like to have bookends on either side of it, giving it an inch or two of space to breathe. I understand that netbooks with SSDs run quieter and cooler. Would an SSD be a requirement for the setup I'm describing?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    For playing/streaming music,a HDD suffices.
    SSD mostly helps in opening many apps,faster performance is apps like PS,faster boot ups,less load times in games etc
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