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Just wondering if i should be underwelmed by this card? I'm using it with a set of 5.1 logitech speakers. Turned onboard audio off and installed the proper drivers. I can tell a bit more power behind the audio in say bf3; Nothing crazy though. Are these new sound blasters not that great or may i be doing something wrong here?
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    Well if your using the creative lab X-fi fatality 1 pro card on a logitech 5.1 you must have the Z-5500 or the 906 if your hooked up in analoge your really in 1.3 you may be getting sound from the back speaker but the action is only happening in the 2 front speakers and the center if you want true 5.1 and you want to use you sound card to its fullist and your speaker system look up on line and read Dolby Digital live and DTS pack do yourself a favour buy this pack its only $4.70 then you buy a RcA female to stereo jack then you buy Male to Male double sheilded coaxial cable its a single cable you hook to the adapter then plug the adapter to you digital out on your sound card then you plug the other male into your digital in on your volume pod then your done ..If you want amazing sound quality with alought of action cross over from speaker to speaker which is true 5.1....if you not sure what that adapter looks like check my link
  2. When you download the software you dont have to delete anything on your system its just a add on to your video card software...when you go to the site it will show you all the cards it works on if you have any X-Fi card then your good to go i take it you have the fatality 1 pro series thats the one i have on the logitech Z-5500 all i have to say is get ready to be amazed.
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