Urgent help with CPU P4 3.06

I had a big problem. Today I bought a brand new Intel P4
3.06Ghz. I have an Asus P4G8X-Deluxe. So I uninstalled my current P4 2.53 Ghz cpu and placed my 3.06 into the socket, fit perfectly following the manuals instructions, then pushed down the lever, placed the cooler perfectly and plugged it.
The problem came when I powered on the computer, the cooler started for a few seconds and then stopped together with the whole system. I tried a few times and nothing.
I started uninstalling everything to find that when I lifted the cooler, the CPU was completely stuck on it !!!! like if it was glued with cement. Moreover, the lever was still pushed down.....

I don't know what the heck this is....the cpu is still there, completely stuck to the cooler.... What should I do please???? I haven't done anything wrong during the instalation process. I installed back my P4 2.53 ghz and everything is back to normal....

please heeeeeelp

Nico -- Nick :P
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  1. Are you sure you had the cpu fully inserted? If it came out easy with the lever latched it may not have been fully inserted.

    Being stuck to the heatsink in that short of time is not a good sign. Can you carefully pry the cpu away from the heatsink?
  2. I'm positive it was fully inserted, it just slid inside without any pressure, it just fit perfectly in the socket, same way with my P4 2.53..

    And no, I can't take it out, as I said, it's like stuck to death with the base of the heatsink

    Nico -- Nick :P
  3. Try using a hair dryer.
  4. did you use thermal glue, instead of paste ? sure sounds like it. anyway, if you must remove the cooler from the cpu, try putting it in the freezer for a few hours (no, I'm not kidding you). It should come right off. give it some time to warm up and dry before plugging it back in though.

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  5. I didn't use any glue, nothing. I hadn't used it with my P4 2.53 throught the whole year I've had it and nothing happened.....

    Are you sure? putting it in a freezer??

    Nico -- Nick :P
  6. >I didn't use any glue, nothing

    Next time, use thermal paste.

    >Are you sure? putting it in a freezer??

    Yeah I'm sure. put it in a pastic bag, and put the bag in the freezer. If that scares you, consider those overclocked supercooled CPU's that are actually *used* at temps of around -50°C, while you will only be storing yours in -15°C or so. Don't sweat it, its harmless.

    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my wife. =
  7. ok P4Man !! it's in the freezer now.....geez I hope this works. I just called intel people and they told me that either way I have to remove the cpu stuck in the cooler since I have to give them the serial number that's on it for the warranty to apply. The guy's advice was to tuck in a screwdriver and push to force it out..... I'm following yours it looks much harmless.... :)
    Ok, I'll see what happens and let you know.

    Nico -- Nick :P
  8. hold on.. wait.. is the cpu stuck in the motherboard ? If so, I'm not sure putting it in the freezer will do much good ! If its just the HSF stuck on the cpu, it might work.

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  9. yes, that was what I was tell you. I have the heatsink and cooler in my hand and the CPU is stuck on to it, that is, the gold pins facing upwards on the back side of the cooler.

    Nico -- Nick :P
  10. I finally removed it. I tucked a knife in between and that was it. I found a grey sticky grease (I had not put in) on both surfaces, the cpu one and the heatsink one.... is that normal?

    Nico -- Nick :P
  11. > is that normal?

    Yes. many HSF's come with such thermal "gum". Can only be used ONCE though, so next time you install it, clean both the cpu and the heatsink, and apply a very thin layer of thermal paste on the heatspreader.

    Btw, did you put it in the freezer now, or not ?

    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my wife. =
  12. great, so i just can´t place it again without any grease?

    I placed my p4 2.53 again without anything either and nothing happened.

    Yes, I put it on the freezer in a plastic bag but only for 5 min until you told me to hold on.

    Nico -- Nick :P
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