Hooking up the Dell U2711 to a Wii with Component Cables or Composite

Hello everyone! I was wondering if it's possible to connect my Wii to my Dell U2711. I managed to get full picture when trying the component cables and the composite ones. But I never got any audio! I was hoping someone here can help me out!

Here is the back of my Monitor ( )

Here are the Wii Component Cables ( )

Here are the Wii Composite Cables ( )

I would be really happy to get EITHER of these too fully work, I don't mind using composite if I have to.

I appreciate it very much if you can offer some help
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  1. You would probably need an RCA - 3.5mm adapter, it looks like this one,, labeled "adapter included in vga kit" the monitor does not have rca sound in, which is why you are not currently getting sound. I used one with my xbox 360. It should work with the composite cables.
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    The Dell U2711 does not include speakers, so just getting an RCA to 3.5mm adapter would not be enough - the monitor doesn't have 3.5mm inputs either, only audio outputs. Using component or composite won't make a difference for the audio (they both use rca stereo audio), you need separate speakers or a Dell Soundbar (which can attach to the monitor, but doesn't come with it automatically), and depending on which you get, you may need an RCA to 3.5mm adapter as well.
  3. I assumed that he had speakers already.
  4. Hello! Thank you for your help. Just to clarify everything, because I'm still trying to get my head around it

    Is this what I will be doing to get the wii to output sound to my external speakers and the U2711 to output video through the composite cables?
  5. Yeah, that looks right. Dell could have given the U2711 some RCA audio inputs to pass through to the audio output, but since it didn't, the audio output is only useful for connections that carry audio as well (HDMI and DisplayPort).
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  7. Thank you Jedi Mind Trick and MauveCloud, I appreciate it a lot!
  8. How did you go with this?

    I recently got this monitor and, whilst it works great with the HDMI from X360 and PS3 I've had no luck whatsoever with the Wii :(

    I tried using the method described (I have the SoundBar) however I can't even get a picture up when using the component plugs :( Just get a "no signal detected" error message. Would be interested to hear if you managed to get a picture.
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