Screen keeps flickering - Help me repair as Rock told me to GTFO.

Well. Long story short, Rock Direct have told me they won't fix my laptop as it is out of warranty originally because it had been opened (Despite their official forums stating this is not the case) then after another call because I had not maintained it to the correct standard.

The problem I had was that the screen would intermittently flicker every so often. This is probably the cable yes (Or the GPU is fubar but let's pretend it's nice and fine) It isn't that bad but it is annoying enough after awhile to severely me off.

How do I begin to take apart a Rock Pegasus 670? I'm alright with PCs and know what I'm looking for but how do I begin to dissect a laptop? All the online tutorials appear to be for acers and dell laptops, which doesn't help me that much.

So yeah, end of story: Lappy fubar, don't buy from Rock Direct. Overpiced, faulty, cheap build quality, and evasive tech support who wiggle out of their warranty. (Really helpful sales team though, rather pleasant)
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  1. You're not quite clear on whether Rock are suggesting that you caused all the damaged to the computer by opening it. You might clarify what you opened and why.

    In most jurisdictions any "warranty" is seen as being in addition to your normal consumer rights against the vendor and cannot be seen to over-ride them.

    A computer is a consumer durable which you purchase with an expectation that it will long outlast any notional warranty period.

    A warranty is, arguably, an arrangement between manufacturer and retailer in which the maker relieves the vendor of the cost of any repair in the first year. As Rock is both maker and retailer, a warranty is wholly irrelevant here.

    In short, Rock probably needs to brush up on consumer law before it tries to give you the brush off.

    The question of opening it comes down to what effect that might have had. If you opened it because there was a problem and the problem is not worse than before and there are no new issues, then logic suggests that opening it is irrelevant.

    As for maintaining it, how does one maintain a laptop, aside from cleaning the screen and keyboard occasionally ? So that's just nonsense designed to discourage you.

    I would consult your local Better Business Bureau or State/City consumer protection staff and (if I'm right) your next step may be a letter to Rock mentioning legal proceeding in the Small Claims court if they don't come up with a solution to your problem.
  2. Thanks for that, I was completely unaware I had such rights. I hadn't opened the laptop up, they had returned it four months after the first time it went into repair without the warranty sticker and with a lot of screws missing. (Most notably one which allowed the left hand side of the casing to be pulled apart)

    On their own official forums it seems a lot of the tech support recommend taking the back off and cleaning it out, and that won't void the warranty.

    This time when I sent it in because I was desperate to get it fixed they first told me the sticker was missing so I had voided the warranty. The second time they tell me the senior engineer has said that it is in such a bad condition that has voided the warranty. It was in the same condition as they had sent it back to me.

    I'm going to get in touch with them as the warranty was up till august. Thanks again man, you've been of much help
  3. From what you say, one might believe that slipshod repair has caused the problems.

    Write down the full story with dates (and maybe photos) and send a copy to the company with an accompanying letter explaining that you require them to resolve this pronto or you'll take legal advice.

    If they don't react, I'm confident that if you get a lawyer to have your story typed up as an affidavit (which should not cost much), the first lawyer that the company puts it in front of will urge them to settle immediately, including any legal costs.
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