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System recovery disk questions

ok so i had some general questions about system recovery disk which i couldnt really find when i 'googled'.

ok so what exactly is contained in the system recovery drive? is it the factory default settings? or is it just a backup taken at regular intervals and contains programs and stuff installed afterwards?

if its like factory default settings, can u take a backup of it on like a dvd-r. and like if u do how useful will the backup b, like suppose ur windows gets infected with virus and stuff, and/or ur windows gets corrupt, will the backup disk help u then, and if u backup, will it like give u a clean windows, as though windows was reinstalled?
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    System Recovery Partition: It comes installed on your hard disk in a hidden partition. It can re-install Windows just as it was on the day it was shipped from the factory. It will not save any of your personal files.

    System Recovery Disc (rescue disk): A bootable CD or DVD you created when your laptop first arrived. It is not a backup. It's a good idea to create a current rescue disk every so often, especially after major OS updates. You might be able to repair a problem without losing your files.
    How to create a system repair rescue recovery disc

    A backup is not a clean install of Windows.
    A backup is not any 'one thing'. It is what ever you decided to backup. Personal files, pictures, documents and music, for example.
    You can always reload Windows and re-install your programs.
  2. thanks alot. just one last thing,
    "it can reinstall windows just as it was on the day it was shipped from the factory"

    and that is basically a windows full of trial ware software that just slow down ur pc, if we use it to reinstall windows, wil the those crappy software trial wares also be installed
  3. Hi,

    Yes, the recovery made from the hidden recovery partition may contain some programs that you don't use. But only programs that are part of the Windows Operating system itself. If you want to have your programs with configurations and settings that you want a better practice is to make yourself a clone of your current operating system. There are tools like Norton Ghost or Acronis which are easy to use and the process takes only 10 or 20 minutes. When your operating system creeps you just boot from the Optical drive, execute the Norton or Acronis and Restore that image which will be an exact replica of the system that you cloned. More details you can find at :
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