My speakers buzz with TV but not with PC

I bought a new set of Logitech speakers for my 24 in HDTV. They make an annoying buzzing sound until I turn them off. Today I hooked them up to my PC and they do not buzz. They just crackle now and then.
What do I need to look for in speakers so that I can play music really loud from my PC and what type of speakers do I need for my television. I want to spend less than $100 for both sets.
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  1. Go buy different speakers and find which ones don't buzz with your TV.
  2. Since they don't buzz with the PC, I'm guessing you have a ground loop problem. To check that you could run an extension cord to another wall outlet and plug your speakers into that extension cord. Or just buy a 2 prong plug adapter and don't use the green ground wire( or buy one without the green wire).

    You can pick one up cheap at the store and it will cost a lot less then getting new speakers.

    Happy Listening, the Prisoner.
  3. If you have cable then a grounding problem with that can cause a buzz even if you are not listening to it. Disconnect the cable from the TV or set top box and see if the noise goes away. If so you can get a ground isolator for the cable RF input.
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