Win7 keeps restarting & Stop 0x7B error

I've almost built a new system with the exception of a dvd drive. But I was too anxious and wanted to start it up already (I couldn't put my old dvd drive in the new computer because it has an IDE connector and my mini mobo only has sata connectors, no IDEs). So I put my new HDD in my old computer, installed Windows 7 on it (it installed fine, I got into Windows fine) then put the HDD back into my new computer. I started up my new computer and it seemed to boot fine, but when it got to the "Starting Windows" screen just when the logo is about to come together, the computer reboots itself. I turned off automatic reboot on start up errors and I got a BSOD with a STOP error 0x00007B. The computer will not go into Safe mode, it just reboots after loading some drivers. I've tried to do "Repair windows" but it doesn't work.

Is it because of the HDD? Can it be something else? What can I do?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    probably you have driver conflicts you need to reformat and reinstall windows. you cant install on one system and put it in another its not going to mesh very well.
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