Sennheiser pc360 g4me=$300 any other suggestions

im looking for a good pair of headphones, i seen pc 360 go for 199 but im always like a day late. looking for a very nice pair of gaming headphones. any suggestions, i got a good sound card, so i dont want those usb ones
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  1. If I was going to do this, I would go to a pilot's supply...
    I would pick out the pilot's headset that I like best, then...
    Make or buy adapters to hook them to the PC.
    But be warned, professional headsets can become pricey.
    But I would do it anyway. And furthermore, $300 is a good budget for a set of Sennheisers but they probably make pilot headsets too.

    The best headphone is the cup type that covers the entire ear.
  2. Audio Technica 700's or 900's with Zalman mic...

    Sennheiser 595 or 598's with Zalman Mic.

    Unless you really must have a headset. Those 3 are great options.
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