My computer might be infected!

My computer is very slow when I boot Windows 7 in normal mode. When I boot in safe mode it seems to be going faster. Also in normal mode my HDD indicator light is always on. In safe mode it turns off and only blinks every so often. I ran a Malwarebytes scan and it found many things then I ran a Norton scan and it found even more things. I fixed all the items the programs found but it still seems to be acting up. The HDD light is still constantly on and the computer freezes every few minutes. The thing I found most disturbing though is when I go into the resource monitor nothing shows up so I cant see what is using all of the disk resources. Help Please? Thanks!
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  1. Upon further search I found that wmpnetwk.exe is using all of my remaining memory! about 2.5 GB. Could this be the virus or is this normal?
  2. I have seen wmpnetwk.exe bug out quite a few times on me, taking 100% cpu usage and/or absurd amounts of RAM.

    Whilst it certainly sounds like you have a virus or two, it might be unrelated!

    Click the start button, and in the search box type "Services.msc" and press enter
    In that list, scroll until you see "Windows Media Player Network Sharing" and disable/stop the service.
    Right click it again, and select properties. A window will pop up, and you should change the startup type to Disabled.

    You should still try to clear out the malware that your system contains to prevent any other problems.
  3. Anything could be a virus and if multiple programs found multiple things you should reinstall windows or risk identity.theft.

    That being said, google is your friend

    FYI.corrupt AVIS and viruses... Huh. Maybe stop pirating stuff
  4. Absolutely!

    "I ran a Malwarebytes scan and it found many things then I ran a Norton scan and it found even more things."

    You should seriously consider reinstalling windows.
    You should also very carefully think how so many issues were detected! might want to alter your surfing & downloading habits.
  5. Run into safe mode, then run a full malwarebytes scan as safe mode on starts the drivers and software needed to run windows, so the viruses should be disabled.

    Otherwise re-install windows.
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