Hard Drive has disappeared from Disk Management

My hard drives have disappeared from Disk Management. Not sure when.
Only the DVD drive remains in the list.

Drives are still visible in Windows Explorer.
Drives work normally.

Disk Management >>

Windows Explorer >>

Computer is set up as dual-boot Windows 7 32bit and Windows 7 64bit.
Only the 32bit version has this problem.
I signed in as another user (Admin) and result was the same.
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  1. A TDSS rootkit virus appears to be the culprit.
    Computer started hijacking Google page and sending me elsewhere.
    Kaspersky firewall detected the internet traffic.
    None of the antivirus programs (AVG, McAfee, Kaspersky, Avast) detected the infection.
    Fresh install of windows 7 fixed my problem.

  2. Pity you reinstalled - Kasperky's TDSSKiller would have nailed it.

  3. Tried Kasperky's TDSSKiller without success.
    It flagged one file and needed a reboot to complete the removal.
    Removal failed.

    Other rootkit removal tools failed and left me with an invalid (no key) copy of windows.
    Fresh install of Windows 7 fixed my problem.
  4. kristain, What in the above screen shot of the Disk Manager am I supposed to click on? LOL
  5. @kristain, nice one worked ok for me.
    my computer is set up as dual-boot Windows 7 Ultimate and Vista Ultimate both 32 bit since installed Windows 7, when i boot in vista got 5 HHD in windows 7 got 4 hhd
    1 was missing,there was a letter missing on one of the hhd.
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