How do I backup my computer windows 7 64 bit


I have a windows 7 computer (Compaq-OEM I believe)

I want to backup my copy of windows 7 or I guess - a way to reinstall windows 7 if anything happens like a serious virus, etc.

I already have all my important files backed up on an external 640gb hard drive.

this is a picture of my current "my computer" file

I just want to backup a windows 7 boot disc I have win 7 64 bit.

Thank You!
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  1. create an image file of your C: drive and save it on you backup drive.

    programs like Ghost will work for that
  2. what if i wanna reinstall windows?

    how would i burn windows on a DVD
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    seeing your D: there might be a program on your computer that will allow you to create installation/restore DVD
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  5. i use an external source so im able to access my documents securely from anywhere - here's the free link
  6. I also use an external source called MyPCBackup, so easy to access documents from anywhere, unlimited storage and completely secure -
  7. Im not dumb to click on your virus
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