Need single extension speaker for tv watching.

I have a Sony Bravia 52" mounted on the wall. Hooked up to HDMI, a receiver, and surround sound speakers. I am also hard of hearing. The surround sound is great for music, however, I want to purchase a small, single speaker to plug directly into the tv and run its wire down the wall, under the carpet and up next to my lounge chair and sofa so that talking sound from programs can be easily heard and yet I won't need to turn the sound up so loudly. Is this possible? There are several extra plug-ins on the side of the tv. I do not want to use remote, wireless, or headphones.
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    Your TV does not have an amplifier in it so it cannot directly connect to a speaker. Depending on the receiver you have it would be possible to connect the speaker to it.
  2.'re right, and I had not considered that. I have a new receiver and will simply use a connection on it.
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