Horizontal lines (Is it the Battery????)

I own a HP pavillion dv6700 Notebook PC
AMD Turion(tm)64x2 with a 32 bit operating system.

At times it would just go out and the screen would look like something from an old TV set with horizontal lines covering the entire screen. So after running the virus program and scrubbing the unit out for a matter of hrs. Nothing seemed to work. So I tried taking the battery out and using it without a battery as long as my power cord remained; the laptop had no issues. It did not go back to horizontal lines, even after several hrs of use. With the battery in tact the system would horizontal out and I would have to reboot. Now with out the battery I can work on it good no issues. Anyone ever herd of such a problem.
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  1. You don't make it clear whether the linear effect is with the battery only -- or with mains power as well as battery.

    If the latter, I would remove the battery because it may be defective and damage the power supply.

    Alternatively the power supply may be defective and does not have a enough power to charge the battery as well as run the computer.

    Swapping one or other may clear up the mystery.
  2. OK; Now ya lost me. See keep it in layman's terms, This is as clear as I can put it to ya, I install the battery with my power supply cord plugged in the wall socket and I reboot the laptop, once everything is running and I start working with my files the battery icon show's 100% charged, I checked the battery at the device manager and it said it was working, I ran a check on the systems charging and it said it was OK. Now it's been around 10 or 15 minutes sometimes longer and the screen goes all wacky with horizontal lines and nothing will happen so I shut the system down and remove the battery leaving the power supply cord undisturbed and reboot the system. I'm asked if I would like to start in safe mode I decline and start in normal mode. Now the system is rebooted and on and working just grand. So my question is, I take from your answer that maybe the charger that plugs with my power cord may not be working correctly or the battery is defective? Is that what you mean? So for #1.) Now how could I determine what is and what isn't working. #2.) Have you ever herd of this where the screen just goes out with horizontal lines.
  3. You answered my question -- it works normally with the battery removed.

    You don't seem to say whether the computer works normally with just the battery.

    I suggest you try connecting just the battery and see what happens. See if it works normally and check that it runs for the normal period before the battery needs charging.

    If it does, then in future just charge the battery with the computer turned off.

    Or just run the computer from the power supply unit

    I haven't heard of this problem but, doubtless, someone else will have experienced it and maybe they can explain the cause.
  4. Ya know with just the battery I have't tried but since its doing well with just the power supply cord and no battery I think running it without the battery is what I'm staying with. I'l just charge the battery with the laptop powered off when needed. However if I just keep it without the battery like Iv'e been doing its OK like this. I'll try using it with out the power supply cord and just the battery to see what happens I did not think of that and let ya know what gives. Thanks Bud
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