Which is better for gaming?

Processor Pentium Dual-Core G630
Memory 4 GB
Hard Disc 500GB 7200 rpm
Graphics AMD HD7350 1GB DVI/HDMI LP
Drive DVD Super Multi 16x
Windows®7 Home Premium 64 Bits
Software N\A
Audio System Realtek ALC 562 Stereo (5.1 Capable)
Interfaces 8xUSB, 4-in-1 card Reader
Weight(Kg) 5kg
Dimensions LxAxP 100x360x282 mm


Processor APU AMD Dual-Core E1-1200 com gráficos AMD Radeon HD 7310
Memory 4 GB DDR3 GB
Hard Disc 500 GB
Graphic Card AMD Radeon HD 7310 (até 2GB), com AMD App Acceleration, 1 VGA; 1 DVI-D
Drive DVD Gravador de(Sry couldn't translate) DVD SATA
Software App. Store Microsoft; Microsoft Windows Live Essentials; Microsoft Internet Explorer; Cyberlink PowerDVD; HP Connected Remote, HPConnected Photo; Skype; HP Connected Music powered by Universal Music Group.
Audio System Áudio 5.1 de High Defenition
Optic Mouse USB
Weight (Kg) 5540 kg
Dimensions LxAxP 16X355X382mm
Garanty 24 Months


€ 399,00

Processor Intel® Pentium® G640T 2,4 GHz
Memory 4 GB DDR3 (1 x GB
Hard Disc 1 TB SATA 3G (7200 rpm)
Comunications Ethernet 10/100BT Integrated
Placa gráfica Gráficos Intel HD (até 1,30 GB) (1 VGA; 1 DVI-D)
Drive DVD Gravador de DVD SATA
Windows®7 Home Premium 64 Bits
Software Microsoft® Office Starter: Somente Word eExcel® reduced funcionalities.
Audio System Áudio HD 5.1
Garanty 24 Months
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  1. Ill have to decide soon, I need help..
  2. Check out "Toshiba Satelite QM Series with 3D".
    But, watch what games you install. Some can't handle the bull#^%$^%t that these
    games put out. The games are rated for inferior models.
    Rated 6th from the top of the range of laptops.
    If you care for your computers, never touch the main body.
    Use external USB keyboards because you will clean off the lettering after a period.
    And you don't want that to happen to the main keys on the computer now, do we?
  3. I voted for #3 because of Win7 and larger hard drive
  4. Hi :)

    NONE of those 3 will be ANY good at gaming..the graphics are crap on all of them , unless you only play Freecell...

    All the best Brett :)
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