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I currently own the G73JH-A1 model and love it with the exception of a few personal upgrade desires. #1 being the "windows experience hard disk issue at 5.9 won't cut it so I ordered the Corsair performance series 256GB SSD, and the Western Digital Scorpio 750GB (So I don't sacrifice room for performance) 2nd issue is the blu-ray is a ROM drive so I also purchased a Sony 6X RW internal laptop drive. I was fortunate in that the machine came with 4 Kingston 2gb ddr3 1333 ram modules so i'll pause for now on the 16 GB upgrade.

My problem is that i'm (An American) located in Kuwait and don't trust anyone here to touch my unit. Does anyone know which bay the primary drive is located? "Left or Right" side? I will provide the new Win Experience numbers after the upgrade if folks are curious. The bays are labeled "L" and "R".
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  1. Do you know if the drives are configured in RAID? To be honest, it doesn't matter, as you can set which drive you want to be the primary in the BIOS after you install them, i.e. the SSD as the primary.
  2. With the laptop upside down and facing from the front, it is the drive on the right.
    There is a youtube video of a guy swapping his main drive on a -a1 with a 160gb intel x-25m.
    That is also what I plan to do as soon as I get home!
    Be interesting to compare what your performance on that hdd vs the intel.

    And no, no raid on the G73, H55 chipset limitation. Me sad, but they had to skip something to get the price that good, wot!
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