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Good day.

I really hope to get some great input because I am lost as what to do ...

I currently use a Genius Net Scroll mouse (GM-03009U) and am looking at getting my first gaming mouse...

But ...

I am working on a very limited budget, I was looking at the Razer Deathadder 3500dpi which in my country costs R550 including delivery (approx. $80) and then I found a chinese brand (yes I am a cheap skate ... lol) gaming mouse which is only R220 including delivery ...

Deathadder :

E-Blue Scorpion :

Could I get some views and opinions on the mice based on the stats and on the deathadder as I am sure noone has heard of the e-blue ... lol ... I just need to work out if the extra cost for the death adder is justified ...

If it makes a difference I have large hands and am a claw type user ...

Kind regards.
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  1. I use a razer deathadder for my gaming rig and it does great. comfort, accuracy, everything is acceptable. my only qualm is that if you get anything gritty like dust, generic table crud on the top its irritating. the mouse has a rubberish feel so such grit will tend to stick more (as compared to smooth plastic mice). $80 does seem high but when you look at the market they are on par with other brands. the industry as a whole is overpriced.

    The razer deathadder aside, any mouse on the face of this planet can be used to play games with. we built a budget pc and bought this keyboard/optical mouse combo for about $10USD from some no name brand (mitsuko) and although it felt (incredibly!) cheap it performed 90% as well as any fancy gaming products you may buy. ultimately gaming comes down to ergonomics (how comfortable your interface is) and skill. the most expensive solution might not always be the most comfortable and the cheapest solution can work fine if you are on a tight budget.

    Don't believe all the hype you hear about gaming products. People swear by them, but they don't give you much of an edge (if at all!)
  2. Thanks for the information ...

    I was wondering how much difference a gaming mouse would be especially cause of the prices involved ...

    I guess I will see how the budget goes in teh next month or so .... maybe i go cheap ... maybe i spoil myself ...

    Once again thanks ...
  3. the only things you are going to gain by chosing a gaming mouse over some random junker are:

    -it will be prettier
    -it may glow
    -it comes with stickers
    -the manual is fancier
    -the software will allow you to adjust button functions
    -it may have more buttons
    -if it breaks there may be a warranty (and be easy to claim)
    -it may be more comfortable to use, although this is more by model and not by any gaming or non-gaming classification

    as i said, a few things that could be usefull but you could live without them if it doesnt fit your budget. that stated... you can find some cheap mice that have a few of the features i mentioned if you look (more buttons for one thing).
  4. Hi Emissary Of Pain, if your looking for choices of mouses, heres a website that has done reviews on some mouses;
    Gigabyte Aivia M8600 //
    Logitech G9X:
    Razer DeathAdder 3500dpi Gaming Mouse: [...] ing-mouse/
    Logitech G700:
    Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse: [...] ing-mouse/

    I hope these websites help choose the mouse u want
  5. My advice would be a Logitech G500, great cost/benefit
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