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I have an acer that has been infected with some malware. I want to do a clean reinstall I could probably get the virus out if I tried to but I dont want to because i already scanned it with avast and deleted virus but its still coming back.

I have the OEM product key on the back but no boot CD's for the acer windows 7 home premium laptop.

How can I obtain a copy of windows 7 home premium and then enter my product key?

Thank You!

Also- I can run fine in safe mode. is there any way i can create a bootable disc from there?

If i reinstall windows do you guys know if i contact avast to get my license reactivated.
I purchased 3x 2year licenses and how would i go about reactivating it on the "fresh" install

Thank u
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    Acers come with a recovery partition that puts it back to the way you found it when you first switched it on.

    Instructions @

    Once restored, you can create a set of reovey DVD's from the Acer Recovery Manager.

    Instructions @

    If you would prefer to install a clean version of W7 without all the bloatware Acer installs, you can legally download and then burn an ISO from Microsoft and use your product key @

    It will activate online, but if you reinstall, you will have to go through the online activation with Microsoft, which shouldn't be an issue.

    Be aware, you will need to get the drivers first !
  2. Ok ill try it out
  3. Thanks, it worked beautifully
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