CPU temp too low?

I just upgraded my system (except CPU) and my temps are very low.

My system is:

AMD Athlod XP 3000+
Abit AN7
1 Gb PC 3200 400Mhz RAM
Asus Radeon 9800XT
Thermalright SP-97 with 92 mm fan and Arctic Silver 5
Antec P160 case with Antec True Power 430W

My old system was reporting CPU temps of 62 - 65 degrees. When I first put my new system together the CPU temps were 39 degrees. Over the last week my CPU temp has dropped to 29 degrees. Is this normal? Is 29 a good temp to be idling at?
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  1. Definately too low. You need to do some overclocking to resolve it :)

    (just kidding, of course those temps are good)

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  2. That's too low. That temp would be good for watercooling.
  3. Never trust a motherboard sensor.
    My friend and I built the exact same PC's about a year back. His reported CPU temp as 55C and mine says it's 40C. The only truely acurate way is with a temp sensor.

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  4. Or thermal diode. Bios' everywhere in the uk are reporting Athlon 64 cpus running @ 30-35C idle (even mine).....

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  5. You sure you have it plug in the right temp. Like cpu is plug into case temp. And cpu is plug into Case temp.
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