Torn between 2 deals, please help asap!

Hello, I hope this is the right place to post. I can't decide between two configs of Dell Studio 15 laptop.

1) i5-430 (2.4ghz) v i7-720 (1.6ghz)

2) 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 545v v 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470

3) Backlit Keyboard v Non-backlit

The rest is the same (4gb RAM, 500gb HD, and other bits and pieces) The difference in price is £130, which seems worth paying for better CPU and GPU.

However, although I would like the option to run half decent games, it is not my main priority, I just want a quick PC that can handle CS4 and other stuff. Is the 1gb GPU vastly superior to the 512mb? Will it allow to play for example COD / Crysis with decent FPS? If not, then is it worth even having an i7?

I am happy to pay more as long as the difference is significant for my use, and for future apps.

General thoughts are much appreciated
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  1. Hi there.
    If I remember correctly, Although Radeon HD5470 is definitely faster then HD545v I am quite sure that the HD5470 Graphic card is not so powerful... I doubt it can run crysis.
    I would definitely encourage you to go for i7 and for backlit or non-backlit It will depends on you. Hope this helps, Cheers :)
  2. The 5470 can barely run crysis, I'm sure there are other deals which allow you to play crysis. If you want to find others just write your budget range, (that's if you want to find a better deal)
  3. Thx for the replies. I'm not desperate to play Crysis, I just used this as example as I have this installed on a Dual Core with a 8800GT and it would only play low-medium. I don't know much about GPUs but I thought this card would be better seeing as I bought my PC nearly 2 years ago!

    Basically I am looking at the dells as they are the cheapest at the mo, I am looking to spend no more than £800, which the i7 setup came under. I just want to know whether its worth having an i7 if the GPU is pants

  4. 3 years ago even
  5. I just found an acer laptop that would play crysis on med-high and its $750 (dollars not pounds)
  6. Komomu said:
    I just found an acer laptop that would play crysis on med-high and its $750 (dollars not pounds)

    That looks pretty good mate. I wouldn't get from US (painful past experience with warantees) and have seen it here for £700:

    I can't see any difference in spec so am assuming its the same model..? I will probably order tomorrow, unless you think I could get an even better deal elsewhere ?? :sol:

    Cheers for your help
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