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My wife has a new laptop with windows 7 installed on a dog slow hard drive and wants to swap it for an ssd. I need to know:

1. Can I use the windows 7 disc for my pc I have to reinstall?

2. Will the activation code on the bottom of the laptop work?

3. The disc I have is an early version and the laptop has SP1 installed. Is this OK?

4. If I do need a copy of Windows 7 SP1 where can I get one?

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  1. You can use any win7 disk, as long as it's the same version( Starter, Home, Pro, Ultimate). If SP1 is not included, the laptop will download it form MS with all the other security updates. Important: make sure you have all the drivers for the laptop on hand, before you start.
  2. 1) yes, you can
    2) I think it will work, if not expired
    3) If it is the same OS it will work
    4) I can't answer to this question i have my OS CD all time with legal Keys
  3. 1. Yes
    2. It should, its most likely an OEM key which will work again given its being installed to the same hardware.
    3. Means you will have to update it when its installed, but thats not an issue.
    4. You dont, any tech store I would think.
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