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I'm quite worried about my mouse, it is a Cyborg Saitek R.A.T. 7 mouse, and it is acting weirdly. First, just a few days ago, a spilled some water on my mouse, but it seems fine, and no water should have leaked inside the mouse. I am not sure about that though, since I failed to take apart the mouse, the location of the screws were poorly designed, and could not be unscrewed with special tools. A few days later, I realize that everytime I press my "Precision Aim" button, my "explorer" begins to freeze. It's like the computer thinks that I am holding down my mouse. When I move my cursor towards the Windows button, the button does not do its animation as usual, nor does it shine. At first I thought this my computer's problem, but it ain't. Now, I reinstalled Windows 7, and installed the software and drivers that triggers the macros that I have setup for the mouse. It all worked fine, until I pressed the "precision button". If you don't understand what precision aim, go to Cyborg's website, and look under the features of "R.A.T. 7" or any RAT series. Everytime I press the precision button, the DPI is locked down to 1000 dpi, and it does not revert. The default action should be, I hold down the button, the DPI is turned down, and I release the button, and the DPI is turned back to normal. However, the DPI is just stuck there. My windows explorer wont respond until I Ctrl Alt Del. Please help. I've tried contacting Cyborg, they seem to ignore my issue. PLEASE, HELP! I accept anyone's suggestions, especially the ones who own the R.A.T.s
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  1. if everything was working perfecty pre incident, and you're now having problems post incident then i'd be confident in saying that you got that liquid inside the mouse. it sounds like either there is a short somewhere or your button is sticking. since you cannot disassemble the mouse you could remove the rat software, or get a new mouse if you absolutely must have it. water damage is not covered under warranty so it will be out of pocket.
  2. if you wish to take it apart, there are only 3 screws, all are at the bottom of the mouse, 2 are at the side part of the plastic, then one in the middle, in the metal, turn the mouse over and then you can open it form the middle, open it to a 45degree and the front part is held by plastic slits, when i opened mine, i just kept increasing the degrees, did no damage to the slits.
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    the effect of liquid damage doesn`t always appear immediatly, apply for an RMA and don`t mention the liquid issue, this mouse is full of issues anyway , I have had mine for about 5 months now and the cursor just stopped moving out of the blue, it`s a driver issue and I can`t seem to find the solution yet, I live outside the usa so I can`t ask for a replacment nor can I go out and buy a logitech instead, if I were you I would just go out and buy a new mouse, go with the g-9 or something similiar, trust me you really don`t want anymore headeache with this thing I can`t even believe you reinstalled your OS bcuz of it. sooner or later you will face some sort of glitch even without spilling anything on it, just google how many people are complaigning, I am awfully upset cuz I had it shipped all the way from u.s and had to pay all the shipping cost just to get a proper gaming mouse and now it just stopped working. good luck buddy.
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