My laptops display blacks out

Hello,my laptops display turns off
after i run it on battery stays on for few min but then it goes black but there are still lights at the corner of the screen.
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  1. when the light goes out - and you look closely, can u still see the display?

    it can be 1 of 3 problems -

    broken graphics card: try plugging your laptop into an external monitor, do you experience the same issue? it is then most likely the graphics card or motherboard

    backlight: can you see the display, it is just very faint - as if it's not being lit from behind? then it is most likely your backlight

    anything else, and it could be your inverter.

    try those two tests - tell me what u find
  2. Perhaps it is the screensaver? Try hitting a key or moving the mouse/touchpad.
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