HP Plans Opteron Products


Tuesday announcement is expected to confirm support for both chip makers' 64-bit CPUs.

Tom Krazit, IDG News Service
Monday, February 23, 2004
Hewlett-Packard plans to announce Tuesday that it is developing products based on the Opteron processor from Advanced Micro Devices, say sources familiar with the company's plans.

The announcement comes one week after Intel announced plans to release a similar chip.

HP will become the third major server vendor to support Opteron, after IBM and Sun Microsystems announced product plans last year. Along with IBM, HP expects to offer Opteron products as well as products based on Nocona, the forthcoming version of Intel's Xeon server processor with 64-bit extensions technology, sources say.

An HP spokesperson declines comment. An AMD spokesperson did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

64-Bit Strategies
Both Intel and AMD have added 64-bit extensions to the x86 instruction set in order to develop their advanced processors. Nocona and Opteron can run both types of applications on the same server with a 64-bit operating system.

Nocona and Opteron are expected to be software-compatible, meaning they will run the same operating systems and applications. But the chips are expected to have slight performance differences based on their respective architectures that will allow server vendors to differentiate products based on the two chips, analysts say.

Opteron uses the Hypertransport interconnect standard and has an integrated memory controller, says Charles King, research director at The Sageza Group in Mountain View, California. Opteron's performance with those two features has delighted users, especially in the high-performance computing market, he says.

Of course, Intel is expected to put out a competitive product with its use of the PCI Express interconnect standard and a faster frontside bus than older Xeons, King says. In many cases, HP and IBM could simply let customers try out both products and discover which one is better suited for their environment, rather than losing sales to another vendor with only one of the chips, he adds.

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  1. HP also announced they will be using Intel's 64-bit extended technology as well.
    <A HREF="http://www.hp.com/workstations/response.html" target="_new">http://www.hp.com/workstations/response.html</A>

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  2. I think not. HP is using amd's 64-bit tech in which intel is copying... just like amd copied sse and sse2. It's 64-x86-bit who invented it anyway? and remember it's a much bigger leap than mmx or 3dnow or sse or sse2. Intel could have come out with 64-x86 but they chose not to. AMD did it first microsoft said this is good stuff and intel had to follow to the detrement of IA64 and an even bigger untouchable monopoly.

    Do I have to explain monopoly to you again.

    If I glanced at a spilt box of tooth picks on the floor, could I tell you how many are in the pile. Not a chance, But then again I don't have to buy my underware at Kmart.
  3. Intel may be adopting Amd64 for the xeon, but that wont be enough. The hypertransport is also a big part of the opteron perf as is the ondie memory controller. Xeon still looses.
  4. Well, is that a surprise ? HP (like IBM, Dell, Fujitsu even Sun once) have always embraced whatever new chip intel put out. It would be shocking if those companies would NOT bring out servers based on intel latest greatest.

    AMD on the other hand, has never enjoyed any tier 1 support for their server products. But since Opteron launced not even a year ago, IBM signed up (though not big time yet, just 1 product), Sun embraced it big time and basically based its strategy on it (for the "low end" Xeon market), now HP seems to support it as well. thats pretty big for the pesky little AMD. If anyone had predicted this a few years ago, he would have been considered out of his mind.

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  5. I will take a while before everything is put in place for major sale number.

    i need to change useur name.
  6. Yep, tier 1 support for AMD is cool; there's nothing like a bit of healthy competition.

    If a tree falls on coop, but noone is there to hear it - do less people rejoice?
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