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I am using Windows Live Mail and can receive emails OK but when I attempt to create a new email get the messge'A problem has occurred while trying to open this message..' I have reload the program but the same problem exists.
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  1. The trick is, don't download or upload email, from or to, your computer.
    Use an external source like Yahoo, Gmail etc..
    If you want to write an email, do it off-line, in Notepad or Wordpad,
    bring up the Yahoo, etc.. go in and setup as to compose an email message then
    do a copy from notepad and paste to the composition.
    In that way before you decide to send, you can edit it before going on-line.
    Only open your mail on the server leaving any virus's there. They can have them, you don't want them.
    If you need a copy of any mail, when reading your mail on-line, you can highlight,
    do a right-click and copy, open your notepad and paste. There, you've got your mail with no virus's.
  2. PS, You can also read your mail on your phone direct from Yahoo etc.. if you can set it up. And, still leave your mail there for later.

    I have never activated my mail programs on my computer.
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