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Hello, I have a Sony DAV-TZ230 home theatre system and am trying to connect it to my PC. I do not need the DVD player and am trying to connect the speakers straight to the input on my motherboard (Sabertooth 990FX) but am having some trouble. The wires that came with the speakers have what seems to be a Sony specific connector which they go into the DVD player with so I have cut those off and replaced them with RCA to stereo 3.5mm jack wire. I cut the RCA connectors off and tied the wires to the ones the speakers came with but it still isn't working, please help.

Wire used:

Many thanks
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  1. Sorry if I misunderstand you but it sounds like you are trying to power the speakers off the motherboard?

    You need an amplifier in there somewhere, the receiver has one. You'll likely need to use an optical s/pdif cable to connect your computer to your receiver.
  2. Yes pretty much, I was hoping to be able to plug my speakers straight into the 3.5mm inputs on the motherboard. Is there any possible way of doing that through wires alone?
  3. Nope, it's like trying to power your TV with the coax cable line.

    What comes out of the computer is just a signal, you might be able to hear it over headphones, but there just isn't enough juice for speakers.

    If you're doing 5.1 or more, it's cheapest to use a full blown receiver. If you are just doing stereo you could try a mini-amp.
  4. OK, thanks. I have the DVD player which the speakers all plug into but my monitor only has 1 HDMI which the speakers would have to go in then I've got no way of transferring sound from my pc to the monitor. So there is no way apart from buying a receiver?
  5. Or you could buy a power amplifier.
  6. Isn't the "DVD player" a receiver? check the back for inputs.
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