How to determine which is faster?

I have been researching this for a while and cant seem to find anything...

I have a server with 6 150MHZ Processors on it ... I need to figure out a way to prove (and document) that like 1 or 2 400Mhz processors are faster. Is there a way I can like convert 6 150MHZ processors to like a speed of 500MHZ?

The point is I am trying to prove that the server is a POS and not worth $1000.

Any help would be appreciated :)
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  1. Being that there isn't any good software out there for a 6 socket motherboard and 6 Processors. A moddern CPUs a XP or P4 would be alot better then this old comp. Even though you have 6 processors you would be better with a single processor at the same speed. Only if your software isn't supported by modern XP's and P4s.

    Anyway I don't know really if I am completely wrong or not but that is all that I have gathered when I tried to understanding Severs and Dual+ Processors.

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  2. Go to or and post this question in thier forums you will get a much better answer there.

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