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Well leave it to Microsoft to force you into submission and make you accept everything they put out if you want to be able to use your software...... I guess they took Java Virtual Machine off their site as a seperate download... I'm sure for piracy reasons.... and it's only available as part of the Service Pack now...... but what about those of us that don't WANT that buggy piece of crap on our system? I REFUSE to install a service pack with so many known bugs in it... but I need Java Virtual Machine..... does anyone know somewhere else I could get it?
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    This is why the old-time forum members encourage the use of the "<A HREF="" target="_new">Search Boards</A>" feature, listed over in the left column. It can save you a lot of time when looking for information on a specific subject. There's nothing new under the sun, as they say ... and if you have an issue with an operating system, it's very likely that someone else would have been here before you, with a similar complaint.


    P.S. I've been installing the service pack regularly since it was released on the 9th, and on a fresh installation of WinXP, already updated with the latest drivers, and with compatible software, I have yet to run into any real issues with my own systems, or complaints from customers. Just FYI.

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  2. Thank you for the input. I found them on a java site.... about the search, I would use it a lot more often.. but the boards seem to be reeeeaaallly slow lately....I'm talking like loading for 2 minutes slow.

    But thanks again much appreciated.
  3. I'll never understand. There's nothing wrong with Service Pack 1. The so-called "bugs" it has are extremely minor and the benefits it provides far outdo any potential bugs. I recommend SP1 to every Windows XP user.

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  4. I speak from experience... not because people said it was buggy... I made the mistake of installing SP1.... and my system went from 100 percent problem free to instable as hell. Perhaps its not that way for everyone.. but it sure as hell was a nightmare for me.
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