HP Envy 17

Has anyone had a chance to take a look at the newly announced HP Envy 17? Looks like a beast.


Hopefully they can get the cooling right in such a thin case. I had a Sager 8760 with the ATI HD 5870 for about a week before returning it and they were able to pull it off, but the form factor wasn't nearly as nice.

I really dig the built-in Eyefinity support, E-Sata and USB 3.0 on the HP. Will have to wait until the 19th to see what kind of configuration options and prices will be though.
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  1. Its a great notebook,but your sager has better specs + better cooling,so IMO keep it,unless you care much about the looks and need USB 3.0
  2. Is HP just buying the old VoodooPC Envy which was, at least in past years, a Clevo build ?
  3. I don't know,but i think they are in the same league as old Voodoo Envy
  4. If nothing else, It might be worth waiting until after the release and watching for any issues with heat. That would be my biggest worry.
  5. Yeah i hope its better than Envy 15(which has overheating problems)
  6. It'll have to be with the video card they're trying to put in that thing.

    Can't wait to see what kind of customization options you'll have. I'm not sure if I dig the design etched into the entire exterior. Would have to see that in person.
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