Installed windows 7 and cannot retrieve old files

I recently bought a reburbished CPU. It came with a Windows 7 CD, however I just now installed the CD on my computer. Before installation I had all my programs such Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. n my desktop, but since installing the CD I am not able to acces any of my old files such as Microsoft Word, Excel, my desktop does ot show any of the programs that I had previously downloaded or installed on my PC before installing the Windows 7 CD. How can retrieve my previous files that I had before installing the CD?
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  1. If by 'installed the CD on my computer', you mean that you did a fresh install, as opposed to an update, then everything on the hard drive is gone. A fresh install of Windows 7 requires a 'wipe' of your drive. you will have to reinstall all of the programs you lost, manually.
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