What mp3 player to buy?

Hey, I'm lookin for a media player of some sort, either minidisk or mp3. The biggest concern of mine is recording. I play lots of gigs and such, and what a way to record them cheap and quickly. I know that minidisks have good microphones, I was wondering what options there are for mp3 players. I'd like to go with mp3 because of the ease of moving data. Suggestions would be nice, thanks
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  1. well the current HiMD format can record PCM audio i think (which is uncompressed, if my knowledge is correct)

    MP3's ain't the best of quality but are more widely known of.

    most musicians that i know who record things use MD's the media is $5 for a number of disc's and you can store them in hard copy for as long as the media lasts, whereas MP3 you would only have a digital copy unless you backup of course.

    also MD you can put a blank disc instantly in if the first runs out, MP3 would require a laptop in that situation. (or an extra few flash cards)


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