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Hey everyone, I have about $250 - $300 for a used (or even new) PC laptop. I'm thinking something from Dell would be good, but those don't come too cheap.

I am trying to buy it for my uncle - he wants to do school work on it and run various language software and stuff like GPS programs, word processing, etc... Not for gaming or anything intense. He would prefer it if it had a built-in webcam - but if its $250 then I guess I could just buy that seperate to reach the $300 mark.

Any advice? I've been using macbooks for so long I dont even know how to shop for PC laptops anymore. I need help!
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  1. Well, it would be fairly easy to find a used one in that price range. But $300 is about what brand new netbooks run, and they are popular for several reasons-
    1) They have low power requirements and long battery life
    2) They are very mobile and can fit in just about any bag.
    3) They often come with webcams and newer tech that you may not find in a used machine.
    4) Your uncle will have a warranty if anything goes wrong.
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