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I have done just about everything to install windows 7 I have tried 3 different versions.. The only thing I can think of is I have a very old 7950gx2 Graphics card could that prevent me from installing a 64bit windows 7 OS?
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  1. Your CPU/motherboard is the important thing for installing 64bit. After that the 64bit drivers must be used with the graphics card. What are your specs and what kind of error messages does it give you?
  2. I just built the computer a few days ago,
    Phenom II 965 BE 3.4ghz
    990FX-UD3 Gigabyte
    M2 Silent Pro 620W
    1TB 7200RPM 32mb cache HD
    120GB kingston SDD
    hyper 212 evo Cooler
    Gskill 8gb DDR3 Sniper 1886mhz
    Bitfenix Fan controller
    XP runs fine I am using that now.
    I have tried booting from a CD installing while using XP
    after it installs and goes to the starting windows screen a blue windows screen comes up that says Windows 7 did not install successfully and it reloads XP
    I have done memtest, tried installing with only one stick of ramx I have tried on the SSD and the Hard drive but it wont work. I have tried 3 different versions of windows 7
  3. Restart the PC and do the installation from there? Sounds like you're trying to install Win7 while using XP. That usually is meant for Upgrade Installs. You really can't upgrade Xp to 7
  4. Windows 7 is a DVD not CDRom media... are you tring to install Windows 7 on a clean/formated harddrive? or over Windows XP? Just install on clean hardrive... if it's a upgrade version... it will ask for you to put the XP CD in for proof of Upgrade Version requirements.
  5. I have formatted both HD's and installed from the disc I am just using XP right now so I can do some research. I have tried from a Flash drive as well and it will not install successfully.
  6. Well... do you have another Graphics card to try out? Are you using Downloaded versions of Windows7? if so... from a known good site? What file system did ya format your drives in?

    Basically... Windows XP is installing a basic video card driver and Windows 7 should too... are you removing your boot media at the right time? or too early? for Windows7 to complete the install? How far into the install do ya get? what does the "time left screen" say?

    Have you got the 64 bit settings in your bios turned off? or other 64 bit "labeled" settings disabled?
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