Next question - Athlon 64 3000+ or 2.8c???

New system time and I'm down to these two. I'm not a gamer but I do run a lot of programs at once.

I have always bought Intel in the past but maybe I could make the jump this time. I plan to overclock and I already have 1 GB of PC4000 ram and a SATA drive.

* If I go with the 2.8c I was going to get a Abit IS-7 board.

* If I go with the Athlon 64 3000+ what board to get? I'm not very familiar with the boards for the AMD chip.

Thanks to any and all replies...
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  1. Something like:

    CPU: AMD Athlon64 3000+
    board: GigaByte GA-K8VT800 (VIA K8T800)
    3D: Asus Radeon 9600XT (128 MB SDRAM-DDR)

    Or any other mobo with the VIA chipset.
    You should really try this new procs, you get lots of interesting features (64 bits, virus protection coming with XP SP2)
  2. Well the athlon 64 chips arent monster overclockers since they are locked, if it was overclocking and oyu wanted amd, then id say the xp line, but those are also locked now lol. If you dont game, and oyu dont edit video, then its a wash, both cpus will do fine for you. If you want the one that will push farther for overclocking, I still have to lean towards the p4 2.8c, since the enxt best thing would be the ahtlon fx, which overclocks nicely. Now you can still overclock the ahtlon 64, but its going to be basically limited to the fsb unless your advanced enough to unlock the cpu using mod techniques on a couple of the bridges, not sure which off the top of my head.
  3. u dont need that high processors for that
    u must hawe lots of ram ram memory
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  6. What will you be running on your computer? If your doing a lot of video and audio encoding, then consider the P4. It uses SSE2 to accelerate applications and hyperthreading to make it run more effeciently @ higher frequency netburst architecture. And if you play Quake III <b>based</b> games like Mohaa, COD, RTCW, and JK2,JK3, the P4 cpu is the one to buy. It hands down beat any AMD chip in this category.

    <b><i>1024MB-P4 2.8B-RADEON 9500PRO</b></i>
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  8. Quote:

    And if you play Quake III based games like Mohaa, COD, RTCW, and JK2,JK3, the P4 cpu is the one to buy. It hands down beat any AMD chip in this category.

    Athlon64 is faster in games then P4 3.2 GHz.

    Video and Audio encoding depends on the programs you are using, but when Windows XP 64 bit comes out, AMD64 will also be faster, you can not run windows XP64 bit on a P4, so it is not a realy future proof buy.

    Toms Hardware Site is a joke !
  9. well on quake III, p4 actaully pulls to tie or very slightly edge out the athlon 64, but considering that its the differnce between 479 fps or 480 fps, its not noticeable. The athlon is still the best bet for gaming.
  10. Either one will suit you , check prices and go with cheapest , CPU , MOTHERBOARD , MEMORY . All have to be figured in . I myself whould go with the 3200 or 3400 AMD 64 bit system , but either one is good . IS-7 is a good MB for the P4 .

    The man of steel said that
  11. Crashman has been saying there're no good mobos for the amd64s and I'm afraid he's right;still the cpu itself can survive a hsf failure and performs better than intel cpu.
  12. dont say there are no good motherbaords. In fact there are many good motherboards that will work fine. maybe they arent perfect or do what you need them to, but they work and do thier job. the new aopen nforce 3 board and the asus k8v come to mind as quality boards that will do the job fine. ive used both and they have done fine.
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